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Colbie Caillat - Try

More fun with commissions!

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Still having lots of fun with this kitty over here. 

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I’m working in a reference sheet commission, and I’m loving this character….

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Adrian: So what's wrong with your child?
Lady (Holding 6 year old boy's hand): I don't know! A tooth fell from his gums! Just like that! He was playing with his tooth and accidentally he pulled it out, but why is it so weak?!
Adrian: Yeeeeeah... you see, that's normal, those are baby teeth, they are supposed to fall between the ages of 4 and 7 years old.
Lady: But... can't you give him medicine or something?!
Adrian: Umm... no? That's normal, why would you need medicine for?
Lady: I dunno! So he grows up faster?!
Adrian (Thinking): Get the hell out of my office.
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More wallpapers n_n

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It’s still in progress but he’s an update n_n

I’m working in this webcomic called Death from the shadowsfeel free to check it out, because I’m having a lot of fun working on it.


I’m so happy I get to design sexy and revealing outfits for Lucy, even though she’s so shy and coy. 



You better fucking reblog this guys


Today was my 25th birthday

I was scared as shit. This past year (from last summer to this summer) was hell for me, life bombed me with it’s heaviest arsenal in every aspect of my life, even though I graduated last december I still feel I haven’t given that huge step to adulthood, I was just in standby waiting for something to get me out of this nightmare.

When I was kid I didn’t want to be a girl, I wanted to be a boy (and no, I wasn’t transgender), I wanted to be a boy because socially I wanted to have the same stuff a boy had, also I didn’t want to grow up, because I was raised in a violent environment, where bulling and a lot of types of abuse were permitted, so I literally just thought adults didn’t have feelings, and that they only cried in movies and TV shows. When I was 7 I decided I didn’t want children, because for me being a mom represented the ultimate form of becoming a woman. Little by little I learned to leave a lot of stuff behind and I started accepting that I had to grow up some time. 

But then, recently tons of shit happened, and all these feelings came back, the strongest was anger, and then I just realized it was fear, and I questioned myself “Why I don’t feel like an adult?” “Why I still don’t want kids?” “Why am I not feeling this urge to get married?”, because many of my friends are married, and some of them have children. But I kept all these feelings to myself.

A few days ago, Adrian told me somewhat he felt similar, he started questioning what really meant to be an adult, he always worried about what people was going to think about him if he kept buying toy figures and comics and stuff but at the end he told me “You know what? I’m an adult, and I’m perfectly capable of deciding what I want, what makes me happy.”

This year almost made me forget what makes me happy, I’m an adult, and if it means to be capable to decide despite of what others think, if that means I’m responsible of my happiness. Then I’m proud to be one.

Next I’m going to show off my birthday presents, the man knows me well:

When I was a little girl I wasn’t allowed to play with “boy toys”, he had also gave me 2 Deadpool figures (one big and a tiny cute lego one), a Green Arrow figure, the hot wheels Back to the future Delorean, a small R2D2, and the Coraline doll. Now is time to add this lovely Crimson Typhoon to the family.image

A delicious box of chocolate.

Awesome movies. (My bro gave me the Spirit one)


And the art book of How to train your dragon 2.

This past year was so shitty, I don’t even remember what I did in my birthday… This one was different for sure.

Thank you all for all the support and caring, I love you.

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And then my bro gave the Spirit movie, this birthday started awesome so far n_n

This was my first birthday present from my friend Mario! Look at it, feel it, and kiss it’s feet, just like I did.

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by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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