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FINALLY!!! This bitch was pretty hard to model (cogh cogh downloading everything and just arranging it), but after (insert number here) days of hard work, mot’s home is finally finished, well… almost, the empty room you see there is his dark room for photography, I don’t plan to show it anytime soon so it will just stay empty until I need to model it. 

Oh and no, that’s not Mot playing with some dinosaurs in the bathtub… 


Why is so many people so annoying

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A cute comic Idea I had to test out some of the tools in MS5, as well to work up my speed with comics.


What… did you think I was just scratching my balls and drinking chocomilk? (because I actually was, but also!) I’m working in Mot’s apartment, because I suck at backgrounds, and with this baby I won’t have to worry again on how to sketch perspectives inside his cave. 

I’m trying a new techenique of color, where it improves the simple color, but keep it fast to do. I thing I’m going to keep it n_n

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(Censored version of THIS NSFW)

So here’s the thing, I was going to put Remotio on pause to start the Delusion Delight comic, but I suddenly got the inspiration to draw demons. So instead of Delusion Delight, you’ll have Amen, an erotic comic about incubus, succubus, dark magic and lots of fun.

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Ok so, I’m postponing Delusion Delight for another day, and work in this new erotic story. My main character has no name yet, but he’s a incubus with a story. 

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Voto latino - Molotov

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These is a series of commissions done for my friend Sean, these were so much fun to do n_n

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Colbie Caillat - Try

More fun with commissions!

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Still having lots of fun with this kitty over here. 

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